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The components of the LEEP system. Click to enlarge.

Azure Dynamics Corporation has received six orders for its Low Emission Electric Power (LEEP) Freeze system. The LEEP is a mild hybrid electric system that provides ancillary power for a variety of applications. The LEEP system draws energy from the combustion engine during normal driving, optimizes the use of stored or generated energy when applying ancillary power and can be plugged into the grid (220 VAC single phase or 208 VAC three phase power) for off-duty charging.

The system is adaptable across most PTO-ready truck chassis platforms and can be used by refrigeration, aerial lift, telecom and other commercial applications. In the application for these orders, the LEEP Freeze system will be mated to a Kidron UltraTemp refrigeration system to provide a transport refrigeration solution for Buchy Food Service in Greenville, Ohio.

The LEEP Freeze and UltraTemp system applies energy to the refrigeration system even if the vehicle engine is off and it offers quieter operation and reduced emissions.

UltraTemp with LEEP Freeze can save up to six gallons of fuel per hour. Therefore, if a food service company operates a truck for seven years and hauls chilled product 52 weeks a year over five 10-hour delivery days per week, the system can offer a lifecycle savings of $46,482 (assumes diesel fuel at $4.50 per gallon).

The UltraTemp combined with LEEP Freeze technology used on the Buchy trucks reduce CO2 emissions by more than 26,000 pounds annually compared to an engine-driven mechanical refrigerating system.


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