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Xinhua. China had 168 million motor vehicles on its roads at the end of September, an increase of 8.26 million (5.17%) compared to last year’s figure at the same time, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

The figures cover automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, trailers and other motor vehicles.

Private motor vehicles rose by 6.11 million and made up 75.99 percent of the country’s total motor vehicles, statistics from the ministry’s traffic administration showed. Private cars totaled 40.18 million, up 13.71 percent over the previous year.

Through September, the country had 175.63 million drivers, up 7.17% from 2007.



WOW...I can remember when 2 million became 20 million, soon to become 200 million. Looks like we are getting there real fast now. Obviously this has implications for pollution, global warming and oil demand.

What is the Chinese fleet average fuel economy?


35 mpg...


if it was 168 million electric cars it wouldn't be so bad


According to many specialists, China will become the HUB for electrified vehicles with up to 200M e-vehicles on the roads by 2020/2022.

The typical Chinese e-car may not be a 3-tonne VUS nor a Hummer but it will serve the purpose of moving people cheaply with less GHG.

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