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Electrovaya Partners with Tata Motors and Miljø to Launch Electric Car and Battery Production in Norway

Electrovaya is partnering with Tata Motors and Miljø Grenland/Innovasjon to manufacture batteries and electric cars in Norway, beginning in 2009, using Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery technology. The first vehicle to be produced will be the Indica EV, based on Tata’s Indica, due to launch in Europe in 2009. (Earlier post.)

The conventional Indica.

The Indica EV will be capable of carrying four people with a predicted range of up to 200 km (124 miles) and acceleration of 0-60 kph in less than 10 seconds.

Tata Motors’ UK subsidiary, Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc, acquired a 50.3% stake in Miljø for NOK 12 million (US$1.9 million).

As its technology partner, Electrovaya receives equity in Miljø, a technology license fee and a royalty based on the value of its lithium-ion batteries used in the electric cars.



This is interesting. Tata surely does not want to sell a few thousands EVs they want to do tens of thousands of EVs a year or two after launch. Hopefully they can do it the price will be crucial. The biggest winner is Electrovaya that has got a really big customer for its battery technology potentially on par with the Volt program. Miljøbil Grenland was not a big win for Electrovaya but now that it is majority owned by Tata it is a whole lot more serious. Also interesting that Miljøbil is building the necessary battery factory in Norway on a license from see


Money printing.

We are not going to PAY for your product.

We will buy your stock
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If the stock goes up we will keep buying your product.

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Henry Gibson

It is a mistake not to have it a PHEV. The BEV must be forever consigned to the past to eliminate the range issue forever. Since Honda and others a have built inverter generator systems there is no reason not to have versions of them in BEVs to make them PHEVs even if the gasoline-ethanol generator is seldom or never used. ..HG..


Norway is making a big push for EVs. IMO, this is a big win for Electrovaya. Now if we could only get data on cycle life...


Finally , we all know it is possible . So lets start making a future that our children will still enjoy. The oil rich countries are holding this type of engineering back and we all allow it. The main purpose of transportation is getting from point a to point b , we do not have to get there in 5 point 6 seconds and waste 1 litre of petro . Electricity is the future . Thankyou

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