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Electrovaya Receives Initial License Payment for EV and Battery Production in Norway

Electrovaya has received an initial payment of US$1.3 million from Miljøbil Grenland AS for a technology license enabling battery and electric car production at a new plant in Norway. (Earlier post.)

Electrovaya is partnering with Miljøbil to produce batteries and electric cars in Norway and is providing its proprietary Lithium-ion SuperPolymer battery technology. The zero emission electric vehicles will be sold in Europe and globally.

Electrovaya’s SuperPolymer technology is independent of the composition of the positive electrode active material. In 2007, the company introduced its MN-Series—a Lithiated Manganese Oxide based system—which offers up to 50% higher energy density and comparable safety characteristics to Electrovaya’s Phosphate-Series chemistry.



Why Norway ? Well I suppose if you are running a technology that is inclined to overheat you may want to place your test vehicles at the North pole and failing that, Norway is close enough.



Where is your source of data on Electrovaya's future automotive battery packs overheat problems?


- Harvey that's the point, no one knows.
Electrovaya - FePO2 - ?cycles at ?% DOD - 110-130 Wh/kg
Electrovaya - MnO2 - ?cycles at ?% DOD - 170-210 Wh/kg
An aquaintance had a less then stellar biz experience with them. They are moving from Canada to NYS following a new source of funding.

John Taylor

Here is the sad thing.
Every new transportation battery start up is trying to develop a car.
Every new electric car start up is trying to develop a battery.

What we need to see is ONE decent car design that can serve as a platform for each and every new battery system that comes out.

The car can and should be made without connection to any battery company. All battery suppliers should be able to offer a suitable battery pack for what will become a world market.

Problem John is WHO gets to decide the ONE decent design? Unfortunately in the real world with real diversity - ONE size does not fit all. That's why we have something called CHOICE.

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