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ExxonMobil Chemical Affiliate Building new Li-Ion Battery Separator Plant in South Korea

Tonen, an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical, is building a new plant in Gumi City, South Korea to manufacture lithium-ion battery separator films for markets including new hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

The facility will have the capacity to produce more than 30 million square meters of film per year, with significant opportunity for future expansion. Start-up is expected in 2009.

The separators offer enhanced permeability, improved strength, reduced heat shrinkage and higher rupture temperature to improve battery safety and performance. (Earlier post.) The new family of co-extruded films will also continue to multiply, according to Pat Brant, chief scientist for ExxonMobil Chemical, based on customer need and input. Those needs can vary with a number of factors, including battery format and chemistry.


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