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Li-Ion KillaCycle Hits New NEDRA Quarter-Mile Record

The lithium-ion battery powered electric KillaCycle (earlier post), ridden by Scotty Pollacheck, hit a new Nation Electric Drag Racing (NEDRA) record at Bandimere Speedway (Morrison, CO) on 23 October, with 7.890 seconds (167.99 mph) for the run.

An earlier run that afternoon hit 7.955 seconds @ 174.05 mph. The fastest time gets the record: 7.890.

The 375V battery pack is built with A123Systems’s 26650 M1 cells. The KillaCycle team turned up the launch current to 1,850 amps per motor, well above earlier levels, and still did not slip the M&H Racemaster Tire. An all new temperature-controlled track surface provided optimal traction.

The History Channel recorded it the run, and the footage will air early in 2009, perhaps February or March. The KillaCycle site has a digital camera clip of the run.


Henry Gibson

High performance is the reason why usable electric cars are not on the road in large numbers. It is too expensive to get high performance from electric motors. Hydraulic hybrids get most of the advantages at lower costs. ..HG..

Albert G

One simple modification and the bike will go through the quarter mile MUCH faster: A 1/4 mile, plus a few hundred feet, extension cord.


The problem isenergy, not power.
It is easy to get an EV to accelerate very fast or do a 1/4 mile, the problem would be long races - like a 24 hour "Le Mans" style race - how many battery packs would you use.
But given that ...
It would be interesting, if you limited it to 4 or 8 - you would have to be able to recharge in 4x or 8x the run time.

All of the e-races would become a combined economy and speed run - might be interesting.


Congrats! Keep up the good work Killacycle Crew! Stay safe out there.

Let me know if when it can go 700 km on one charge.


Another win for leading EV battery maker A123. Their IPO will be a steal for those lucky enough to get in on it.

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