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Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. launched the micro-hybrid stop-start FuelSmart system for Scorpio M2DI and Bolero SLX BS3 SUV variants in the Indian market.

Representation of the FuelSmart stop-start system. Click to enlarge.

Developed by the Mahindra Research & Development team with the support of Bosch, the FuelSmart system switches off the vehicle’s engine after it has come to a complete halt. For example, if the vehicle comes to a halt at a traffic signal and is in neutral, the engine will shut down automatically after 10 seconds. Just before stopping, the indicator light located in the instrument cluster will blink, indicating that the engine is going to stop shortly. Once the signal turns green and the driver presses the clutch pedal, the engine starts immediately for continuing the journey.

The system also monitors health of the battery, safety requirements and the engine temperature.

The stop-start system is available on the two models at an incremental cost of Rs 3,800 (US$77).



Interesting product.

It would be good if you can add more statistics on what is the expected fuel efficiency improvement? Also on what is the side affect of stopping and starting the engine frequently like this?


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