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Mascoma Secures $49.5 Million in DOE and State of Michigan Funding for Cellulosic Fuel Facility

Mascoma Corporation has received a total of $26.0 million in funding from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and an overall contribution of $23.5 million from the State of Michigan for application toward the development of a cellulosic fuel production facility that uses non-food biomass to convert woodchips into fuel. (Earlier post.)

The facility will be located in Chippewa County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the town of Kinross. The funding provided by DOE and the State of Michigan will accelerate Mascoma’s construction of the facility and the scale-up of its technology process while also paving the pathway to commercial low-carbon and sustainable fuel production in Michigan.

The first phase of the project will develop preliminary engineering designs and permitting required to initiate construction at the Kinross site.

Mascoma’s production facility is expected to produce 40 million gallons of ethanol and other valuable fuel products per year. General Motors Corporation and Marathon Oil Corporation, which are both investors in Mascoma, are providing support for this project.

Mascoma chose to locate the facility in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan after an extensive review process of other location options. The decision was based largely on the support provided by the State of Michigan, the availability of extensive sustainable feedstock in forests and other agricultural biomass resources in the region, and the expertise available through the Michigan-based project partners and workforce.

Mascoma is partnering on this project with a well-established natural-resources company, JM Longyear, based in Marquette, Michigan. Longyear was founded 120 years ago and is experienced in timber, mining and project management.

The collaboration will involve the formation of a new company, Frontier Renewable Resources, which will own the project. In addition, Mascoma will team up with Michigan State and Michigan Tech Universities to tailor Mascoma’s technology and supply chain options for the specific Michigan feedstocks used in production.



If we invested even half of the $700 billion that we have spent in Iraq on cellulose biofuels, we would have no need to middle eastern oil at all.

(I know I have said this before, but it is so obvious)

Ever hear of the law of positive reinforcement?

Would it kill the freakin naysayers here to step up and support the efforts that business, government and individuals make to achieve a fossil-free energy policy? Or is this just a place to whine about "coulda, shoulda, woulda????" Or is this your entire agenda?


The point is that we "should" be investing more in this. We "could" have invested more instead of going to a war based on lies. If you do not like that ...too friggin' bad!


Oh and by the way, now that Bush has wasted $4 trillion in borrowed dollars and gotten us into the HUGE financial mess, we probably can not afford it. How is that for an agenda?!

whine, moan, whine. Get a life.

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