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Tata Daewoo Develops Prototype of LPG Medium Commercial Vehicle

Tata Daewoo, a fully-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors and South Korea’s second largest truck maker, has developed a prototype of South Korea’s first LPG medium commercial vehicle (MCV). The vehicle was developed by Tata Daewoo in association with the ministries of commerce, industry and energy, Korea Energy Management Corporation and a consortium of 12 organizations.

The 4.5-tonne (payload) Novus LPG truck conforms to Euro 5 emission norms and uses a liquid phase injection (LPLi) 5.9-liter LPG engine that deliver 213 kW (286 hp) of power. The vehicle overcomes the disadvantages of conventional LPG vehicles like low-power output and engine start-up problem, particularly during winter. Other advantages include reduced noise and emission levels along with enhanced engine life compared to existing diesel trucks.

The prototype of the vehicle was displayed at the 21st World LP Gas Forum in Seoul and the Gunsan International Auto Expo (GAEX). The World LPG Forum is aimed at promoting applications of LP Gas.


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