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Testing in a government-approved facility at Millbrook, UK of Connaught Engineering’s Hybrid+ mild hybrid retrofit system (earlier post) applied on a Ford Transit van showed a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 24.7% on a city cycle.

The Hybrid+ system uses supercapacitors and a compact CVT drive between the engine and the 48V motor/alternator. The CVT drive functions as a torque multiplier; the motor is rated at 23 Nm of torque, but with the CVT gear ratio—2.5 to 4.1 depending upon the power train—the effective assistance can be up to 80 Nm.

The full test results are as follows, measured as a percentage reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel usage:

  • CADC(Artemis) Urban = 18%
  • CADC(Artemis) Road = 11.5%
  • CADC(Artemis) Combined = 15%
  • NEDC = 10%
  • T2 City Drive Cycle = 24.7%

The Artemis or CADC cycle is derived from the EU project Artemis ( European 5th framework project - Assessment of transport emissions and inventory systems.)



Great idea if it's economical. There got to be several million Ford Transits outside of the US.

Tony Martindale

The system will be available in the US when the company launches its Dodge Sprinter models in 2009...

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