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Adesta To Design, Build and Maintain $30.7M Intelligent Transportation System for Massachusetts

Adesta, LLC, a systems integrator and project management company for communication networks and electronic security systems, will design, build and maintain a new Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) valued at $30.7 million along most of the interstate roadway in western Massachusetts for the Massachusetts Highway Department (MassHighway).

The system includes thirty-three new camera locations and seventeen new Variable Message Signs (VMS) deployed along the I-91 and I-291 corridors. In addition, a new fiber optic-based communications backbone integrated with a six-site point to multi-point microwave network will facilitate connectivity to the cameras, VMS signs and will provide a connection to both the local District Traffic Operations Center (DTOC), as well as the State Traffic Operations Center (STOC) in Boston.

The infrastructure deployment phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. After system acceptance, Adesta will provide two years of full coverage warranty and system maintenance, concluding in 2013.

The completed system will provide MassHighway an advanced traffic management system with the capability to monitor traffic for congestion and incident management while providing real-time roadway information to the traveling public. A shared resource platform will provide additional marketable infrastructure capacity enabling economic development initiatives as well as broadband deployment opportunities. The entire system is designed to be fully scalable for ease of future technology upgrade deployment, ensuring MassHighway’s ability to expand their ITS network and deployed technologies well into the future.


Henry Gibson

It is now time to provide conductors in the pavement to supply electricity to cars. ..HG..


I think I could make the signs say "It's a weekday morning. All routes into Boston are clogged. Have you thought about taking the T instead?" for less than 30 million...

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