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Automotive X PRIZE Announces First Round of Registered Teams

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE announced that 22 contenders have been elevated to Registered Team status in the $10-million competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles.

This first wave of Registered Teams, representing 10 states and five countries, are among the first to have submitted their registration applications. Additional entrants have until early 2009 to submit their applications.

The following 20 teams have been elevated to Registered Team status. An additional two teams have been accepted, but remain confidential.


Final confirmation of each team’s Registered Team status is pending their signature of a Master Team Agreement (MTA) upon its release later this year.

A project of the X PRIZE Foundation, the independent and technology-neutral competition is open to teams from around the world who can design, build and bring to market 100 MPG or energy equivalent (MPGe) fuel economy vehicles that people want to buy. More than 100 additional teams have signed Letters of Intent to compete for their share of the $10 million prize purse, funded by Progressive, and are actively considering entry.

The competition is expected to travel through multiple cities in 2009 and 2010, building consumer demand for vehicles in the competition and demonstrating many practical, clean and affordable vehicle options. Cities involved in the competition route are expected to be announced in early 2009. Winners will be announced in 2010.


Mr. Environment

I don't see ad entry from the people who specialize in building cars - The United Auto Workers (UAW). Oh... that's right, their wages and benefits would overwhelm the $10 million in short order. The UAW is best kept bankrupting our Big Three auto companies.


Before we at MilnerMotors spend the time and money to compete, we feel the rules need more clarity in determining how to actually win. First of all, the rules are listed as draft rules, dated April 2007. Secondly, it looks like the rules specify the winner to be the vehicle that gets at least 100 MPG and accomplishes the route in the least time. Does this mean a vehicle will need to achieve its 100 MPG while driving 100 MPH? 125 MPH? and how is this done on public roads? We need more clarity.


Also, how is the prize money to be distributed? Will there be one winner, or a first to nth place winning a specified amount?


I don't see an entry from GM. Oh I forgot they already did that 10 years ago with the EV1, but they didn't know how to make money with a car that was reliable.

what a weak group of entries. very dispointing. mostly back yard tinkerers. i see no new idea, no holistic approaches to ensure success. certainly nothing i would ever dream of driving myslef, let alone with 2 kids in the back.
perhaps we will see better entries with some of the teams who have yet to make their efforts public but this list is a joke.

YOU'RE a joke!

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