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Fuel Additive Manufacturer Slapped with $1.25M EPA Penalty

Biofriendly Corp. has agreed to pay the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) $1.25 million for manufacturing and selling an unregistered fuel additive in Texas and California. This is the largest penalty ever levied for violation of the Clean Air Act’s registration requirements for fuels and fuel additives.

Biofriendly sold “Green Plus,” an unregistered fuel additive it claimed reduced emissions in diesel fuel, between Sept. 2002 and May 2006. When Biofriendly discovered it was in violation, it stopped selling Green Plus domestically.

The Clean Air Act requires that motor vehicle fuels and fuel additives meet stringent environmental standards before they can be distributed. Biofriendly failed to register Green Plus according to EPA procedures ensuring that fuel additives not increase emissions of harmful air pollutants or interfere with vehicle emission control devices. At a minimum, companies must provide EPA with information on the chemical composition and structure of the additive, and may also be required to test products before obtaining EPA registration.

Biofriendly operates in the United States and internationally. The company manufactures, sells, and distributes fuel additives and fuels that contain additives.

The agreement was lodged in the US District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division, and is subject to a 30-day public comment period and final court approval.



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