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Optare is showing an all-electric version of the 8.8m Solo. Click to enlarge.

Optare plc, the UK’s second largest manufacturer of buses, is highlighting new hybrid and all-electric models at the Euro Bus Expo taking place in Birmingham, UK on November 4 through 6, 2008.

Solo electric bus. An all-electric version of the 8.8-meter Solo bus features an Enova EDU 120 system comprising an electric drive unit and gear train, a central electronics unit, and related power management components. The system features a lithium-ion iron phosphate Valence battery pack which powers an Enova 120 kW Panther traction motor.

Accessories are electrically driven while heating is provided by an Eberspacher vehicle water heater which is fuel fired. There’s also a fast charging capability and a full testing and diagnostics facility.

Enova Systems announced that it has shipped new orders for plug-in hybrid diesel-electric and full-electric transit bus drive systems to Optare.

The plug-in hybrid diesel-electric and full-electric vehicles will use lithium-ion battery packs. Enova’s electric and hybrid drive system solutions include fully integrated on-board or stationary battery charging systems.

Enova Systems offers Optare hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and full electric drive systems that fit a range of vehicle platforms. Additional system options include integrated battery chargers and DC/DC converters. This flexibility allows Optare to create hybrid electric and full electric buses from a common architecture that enables the company to focus on product performance, features and fuel efficiency.

Tempo hybrid bus. A hybrid version of the Tempo bus is the first production hybrid from Optare and is to full Transport for London (TfL) specifications. It is one of five about to enter service in the capital with Metroline with a further five on order for East London.

The 10.6-meter hybrid bus features an Allison EP40 Parallel Hybrid drive system combined with a Cummins 250 hp ISBE engine operating to Euro 5 standards with SCR technology. The Allison systems uses NiMH batteries. The Tempo Hybrid has a dual power inverter module mounted on the roof and comes as standard with a full two-year Allison warranty or with five years warranty available through the Allison Extended Transmission Cover option.

Optare will be making this new model widely available from early 2009.



Valence inside!

Henry Gibson

The OPOC engine should have been used instead of a fuel fired heater. Cogeneration! Cogeneration?? Will anybody ever seriously think about carbon efficiency? Parallel hybrid always requires larger engines operated inefficiently. Was not Artemis partially public funded in the UK. Artemis was compelled, knowingly or unknowingly, not to use the INNAS NOAX Chiron free piston engine for its hydraulic hybrid experiments. Capstone makes turbines that have been tested in hybrid busses. ..HG..

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