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The Renault-Nissan Alliance has added two more partners for the development and promotion of a charging infrastructure to support electric vehicles: the US state of Oregon, and the Principality of Monaco. Since July this year, the Alliance has announced partnerships with Portugal, the City of Yokohama in Japan, the US state of Tennessee, and French utility giant EDF. In addition, the Alliance is also partnering with Better Place.

Oregon. Nissan chairman and Renault SA co-chairman Carlos Ghosn announced the Oregon partnership during his opening address at the Los Angeles Auto Show. (Earlier post.) Nissan will introduce ZEVs in the United States in 2010 and will mass market ZEVs globally two years later.

Nissan and Oregon are forming a partnership to promote the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Portland General Electric (PGE) also is a participant in the partnership and is working toward the development of an easily accessible and reliable network of charging stations.

As part of the agreement, Nissan has committed to make available a supply of ZEVs to the state of Oregon and work with the state to develop plans to promote the EV Charging Network. The state, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation, has committed to promote the deployment, operation and maintenance of the EV Charging Network by developing specifications for charging stations and seeking agreements with suppliers that may be used by entities such as local governments and utility companies.

The state and Nissan are working with PGE towards the creation of the EV charging network. PGE, as part of its plug-in vehicle initiative, is striving to find solutions to Oregon’s transportation and energy challenges through the development of a model charging station infrastructure, as well as identifying its infrastructure needs related to vehicle-to-grid technology. Over the past several months, PGE has installed six charging stations—with the capability to charge several dozen vehicles—across the Portland and Salem areas, with more on the way.

Monaco.The Government of Monaco and the Renault-Nissan Alliance are working together to promote the use of electric vehicles in the Principality.

The two parties will formulate ways of enhancing and expanding the existing battery-charging network throughout Monaco. The current incentive program will also be enhanced to attract residents and companies to participate in the Alliance’s zero emission mobility program by purchasing and utilizing EVs.

Monaco and the Alliance will also create and support educational activities to promote the use of electric vehicles and encourage the participation of local organizations. The Alliance will also take advantage of Monaco facilities to organize EV marketing activities.

The reality of zero emission mobility can only be achieved through credible products and the appropriate infrastructure. The Alliance will be mass marketing the product and we welcome forward thinking partners like the principality of Monaco to create the infrastructure and conditions for success.

—Carlos Ghosn



You forgot Spain (negotiations with the Spanish Industry Minister).


A very interesting news: SolarWorld (a solar cell maker)has made an offer to acquire "Opel".

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I really liked your thread. I thought it was right on topic


Yeah, hope my state of Washington gets on board, too!


Hoping Renault Nissan will developp rapidly EV cars
Bollore Blue Car planned for production in 2009.
See EV photos


Yes, R-N is working hard to promote their technology and with The Better Place

See the Renault ZEV H2 (hydrogen):


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