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Report: TEPCO To Lease 300 Electric Cars In FY09

The Nikkei reports that Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) plans to add about 300 electric cars to the fleet used by its sales personnel next fiscal year, the largest corporate rollout of such vehicles at one time.

The major utility intends to lease mainly Mitsubishi Motors Corp.’s i MiEV, which is slated to enter mass production next summer. It plans to keep adding electric cars in fiscal 2010 and later until they number around 3,000, or about 40% of its entire sales fleet.

Tepco determined that it can use the i MiEV, which can run about 160km on a single charge, if it installs proprietary charging equipment at its offices and other locations. It expects the move to help lower carbon dioxide emissions.


Henry Gibson

They ought to look into ZEBRA batteries and V2G technology. ZEBRA batteries cannot catch fire. ..HG..

Henry Gibson

It is also time to fit a small tank and gasoline generator into the car so that the "limited range" of electric cars never has to be mentioned again. The engine and generator from a HONDA inverter portable power unit would be a good prototype. Even the smallest one would allow a car to keep up with city street traffic. ..HG..


Henry - what are the emissions and noise from a Honda portable power unit ? They might make it ineligable for use in a car.

As you say, it would be a neat solution to limited range.
In particular, if yuo bundle the fuel tank with the genset, you could make a modular one for all EVs (of a certain size).

The problem would be to find space for it - in the boot ?
Somewhere the noise and vibration won't be to awful for the occupants and other nearby people.

" that the "limited range" of electric cars never has to be mentioned again."

I'd prefer buying and burning gasoline never be mentioned again.

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