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Shanghai VW to Show Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Passat Lingyu at LA Auto Show

Gasgoo. Shanghai VW will introduce the hydrogen fuel-cell Volkswagen Passat Lingyu sedan at the upcoming 2008 Los Angeles auto show, according to a report in Shanghai Securities News.

Three of the Passat Lingyu fuel-cell fleet in use at the Olympics in 2008. Click to enlarge.

The car, based on the Passat, uses a fuel cell powertrain jointly developed by SAIC (Shanghai VW’s parent); Tongji University and Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech Co., Ltd.

The powertrain of the fuel-cell Lingyu includes a 55 kW fuel cell located in the floor of the car, a lithium-ion battery pack and an 88 kW electric drive motor. The car has a range of more than 300 km (186 miles) and a top speed of 150 kph (93 mph) on one fill. Compressed hydrogen is stored at 350 bar.

Shanghai VW entered the fuel cell Lingyu in Michelin’s Challenge Bibendum in 2007. The company also built a fleet of 20 of the fuel cell hybrids for use during the Olympics, and says that it will mass produce the hydrogen fuel cell Lingyu by early 2010.



Sweet! With CA's H refueling infrastructure this seems like a natural market. I regret that the US lags so far behind in applying the technology to it's dying auto industry.

What with the economy so disasterous - the manufacturing plants all over Asia are shutting down. 1500 closures in the last week. Guess they aren't kidding when they say "global."


Hydrogen like Lenin - still alive :/


Soon very good news on hydrogen technologie for the car.

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