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T3 Motion, the provider of a three-wheel electric vehicle to the public safety and private security markets, has contracted for 4,000 e-ZONE low-speed electric vehicles from Korea-based CT&T for sale to police departments in the US for use in applications such as parking enforcement. The contract is worth around US$50 million.

The parking enforcement EV at the 115th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Exposition in San Diego. Click to enlarge.

CT&T and T3 Motion jointly participated in 115th Annual Conference & Exposition of International Association of Chiefs of Police, 8-12 November in San Diego, California. The partners said they received orders for more than 100 units, including 25 from the Santa Monica Police Department, at the show.

The e-ZONE features a 72V, 140Ah Li-polymer battery and has a top speed of 35 mph (56 kph). To supply the vehicles to the North American market, CT&T says it is building an assembly line with a capacity of 15,000 units per year in Toronto, Canada, targeting mass production in March 2009.


Mr. Environment


I can't wait to see the pursuit version of this vehicle. Closing in, closing in, closing (they're keeping their speed down below 40mph so they don't loose us - such nice criminals, they are)... Do'h we're at 25 miles today!!! Battery dead. (Insert Pac Man gobbled sound here) Good bye.



they already use gas powered vehicles in this niche application. It's just a niche application that can be applied with an EV in this case. The gas powered ticket cars aren't used for chase scenarios, why make fun of the EV ones which aren't designed for them either.

Mr. Environment

"I can't wait to see the pursuit version of this vehicle."

aym said: "...why make fun of the EV ones which aren't designed for them either."

English comprehension is not aym's strong point.


My comprhension is fine. What is not understandable is trying to make fun of perfectly servicable vehicles that take the place of others in a niche role. These were never to be used as persuit vehicles and making fun of them in this fashion is just immature as your comments show.

There are gas powered ticket vehicles that are exactly like these EVs that don't go above 30-40 MPH just for giving out tickets. There are EV bikes that break 200 MPH easily. The only reason for the above comments are a total lack of respect for the EV platform. Shame on your comments and attitude.

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