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Visteon to Launch New Heat Exchanger to Boost Efficiency of Automotive AC

Visteon Corporation has developed an internal heat exchanger (IHX) that increases cooling power in a vehicle up to 14%. It uses an innovative coaxial tube design integrated in the refrigerant circuit for enhanced automotive air conditioning system performance and efficiency.

The new internal heat exchanger, which replaces a part of the suction and liquid refrigerant lines in a traditional R134a system, exchanges energy in a counter-flow arrangement. When combined with tuning of the expansion device settings, the IHX increases system cooling performance up to 14% and improve operating efficiency up to 12%, depending on the base system and thermal expansion valve settings.

Applied to the new refrigerant R1234yf, the technology delivers similar performance improvements. Visteon will launch its first commercial applications during the first quarter of 2009.

Visteon's coaxial IHX features a unique design that allows compact dimensions and packaging flexibility while maintaining a low pressure drop. This solution also uses a unique design for adapter blocks, eliminating the need to machine the tube ends, resulting in superior internal cleanliness and a simplified manufacturing process.


Henry Gibson

Global Cooling, the company, has an electronic valve that can increase the performance of cooling systems dramatically. ..HG..

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