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ZAP Introduces 4-Wheel Low-Speed Electric Truck

ZAP has introduced a four-wheel electric truck to its line-up, the ZAP Truck XL.

The ZAP Truck XL. Click to enlarge.

The ZAP Truck XL supports an 800 lb (363 kg)payload, and meets Department of Transportation requirements for 25 mph Low Speed Vehicles. The ZAP Truck XL is able to drive up to thirty miles on a charge. From a standard 110 volt outlet the ZAP Truck XL recharges in about six hours and an 80% charge in just four hours.

The first customer for the truck is Ghilotti Construction in Santa Rosa, California, which operates more than 100 vehicles in its fleet. The truck will run mail, parts and odd-jobs which don’t require a big diesel or gasoline truck.


wanna go green now

Want them in Vancouver, BC!!! Now!!!
Gordon (our premier), are listening?


How much $$? And what's the cycle life of the Pb or (other) batteries?

Henry Gibson

What no 0-60 in four seconds. It will take thirty seconds longet to get stuff to the job site. Find a place on the chassis to put a small generator. or for lower weight just the engine alternator from a Honda 1000is or something similar. ..HG..


Like to see this in 4wd for all sorts of remote or ZE environs, factories, farm, mining, maybe flame proofed for oil refineries or gas mines.

Are these ZAP the ones they complain about build quality?

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