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Better Place Unveils Design and Deployment of Charging Spot and Electric Parking Lots in Israel

A Better Place EV prototype and the charging spot. Click to enlarge.

Better Place Israel introduced its first “plugged-in” parking lots as well as the charging spot design that will be used in Better Place deployments around the world. Better Place Israel CEO Moshe Kaplinsky unveiled the charging spot at the Cinema City parking lot in Pi-Glilot. (Earlier post.)

The company has begun deployment of its recharging network pilot in Israel with several municipalities including Tel Aviv, Haifa, Kefar Sava, Holon, and Jerusalem, and it plans to continue to deploy the network in public places in these cities.

Close-up of the connector. Click to enlarge.

The company has signed an agreement with Ahuzat Hof’s parking lots while it also simultaneously finishes infrastructure deployment in other areas including the Bazel parking lot, Europe house, Axelrod and the IBM corporate campus.

The charging spot is part of the Better Place electric car charging infrastructure, which includes charging spots, battery exchange stations and a service control center that plans the energy consumption of the car and the whole system. (Earlier post.)

The Better Place charging spots have been deployed in Israel with the cooperation of Nekuda D.M designing and technology Israel. During the development of the charging spot, Better Place evaluated a number of strategic criteria including: safety, user experience, mass deployment ability, maintenance, cost, and the need to blend the charging spot with the urban view.

San Francisco-based New Deal Design designed the Better Place charging spot. It includes a connector that has been developed and designed by Better Place and complies with international standards. The charging spot will be deployed in Israel, Denmark, Australia, California, Hawaii and in other countries and regions where Better Place will deploy its infrastructure.

Better Place will install an operating system in every electric car on its network. The on-board software is connected to the service control center, which is designed to provide information and solutions for driving destinations in real time. The control center centralizes the energy consumption, regulates the different demands, and produces an energy consumption plan that is fitted to each car.



Good to see the project is underway. Perhaps we can get a peek at the car soon.


Slavery is the aim of Better Place. People will be dependent on them.


"..install an operating system in every car in its network. The onboard software is connected to the service control center ...".
Sounds like big brother central to me.
Maybe an operator in the service control center will seize control of your car and put it on auto pilot to direct you to the destination of their choice ?


The last 2 posts must be paid by oil...

Great to see this move forward!

Only comment is the the receptacle design looks kind of San Francisco'ish. They should have gone with something more like the flat plug design I have seen before on a (CalCars?) converted Toyota. It looks more like a mouth than a ...

1st and most importent is the factor of safty/unable to get at energy by applying anything other than proper application of devces...


So... I couldn't use these to charge my (hypothetical) Volt, or Mini-E, or plug-in Prius, only a PBP-branded car?

You'd think a tech-background person such as Agassi would grok the importance of open standards and interoperability. Being first doesn't always mean being in control of the standard...


Agassi has a one trick pony and the trick is the business name. After that there's no beef, bun or burger. These are all ideas that can and will be done... better without the need of a PBP.


"Friends, I have THE business plan to save us all.

I don't have any experience in power generation, power grid infrastructure, batteries, cars, or making cars. I'm outside the box, running in circles, and pitching this plan to you right now!


I will partner with global car makers and local governments to market the next generation of plug-in hybrids to the people that really deserve them.

By partnering with local governments PROJECT BETTER PEOPLE will identify motivated individuals in communities who want next gen plug-ins and help car makers sell these cars to them.

Then, these individuals with righteous fury will become Plug-in Evangelicals, spreading the word with bold action, and helping usher in a new age by converting SUV consumers into BETTER PEOPLE driving plug-in hybrid cars.

PROJECT BETTER PEOPLE gets a cut from the government for every person we identify and from the car company for every car we help sell.

What's that you say? This makes no sense?

My company's not adding value? I'm getting paid for doing nothing and governments and corporations can do all this on their own?

Why I bet you'd say similar things about PROJECT BETTER PLACE and Shai Agassi!

Well, then you, my friend, are part of the West-Coast- East-Coast- Joe-the-Plumber- Soccer-Mom- Right-Wing- Liberal-Elite cabal that has thwarted our efforts so far.

A pox upon you and Sam Abuelsamid."

Slavery is the aim of Better Place. People will be dependent on them.
"You must fear the electric utility!

Pay no attention to that oil sheikh behind the curtain!"


No Sheikh here....

PBB imposes unnecessary standards imposed by local governments to prop up a very problematic business model.

But I don't think it will result in slavery; just a huge waste of infrastructure that people will drive by in their PHEVs. A big loss to taxpayers.


Israel was just too easy a sale. "Hey want to stop sending 20% of your money to the Arabs?"


yeah, well, i'm an easy sell too (american).
let us stop sending them our money too...today!

John Taylor

To run a full size electric car for 3 hours at highway speed needs about 100 kWh battery pack.
240v x 100a 3ph = 60 kW (72kW - losses).
So this sort of power supply would recharge you in an hour to an hour and a half. Plenty of time to have lunch and a pee break before getting in the car for another 3 hour drive.

The infrastructure to do this is not a part of the BP plan. They want to lease you the battery, swap out batteries, and run a grid stability program.

Agassi plans to make enough money to make Bill Gates look like a pauper.


I'm amazed at the hype surrounding Shai "Shag" Agassi's plan to take energy from the existing electrical supply infrastructure at <$0.10/Kwh(10+ miles worth on my electric scooter) and sell it to us fools for "..half the current cost of gas per mile...". Let's see, van gets 20mpg, $4/gallon, $2 gas for 10 miles, half of that....$1 ... such a deal!
I say, instead, cut out the middleman(Shag), enable businesses everywhere to install generic, universal charge stations(Coulomb), allow the vendors to mark up the power 100%, selling to me at $.20/Kwh

An interchangeable battery is an excellent idea, the design of which should be set by an international standards panel, not by someone looking to OVER-charge us for electricity and lock-us-in to HIS standard, and have us pay him to do it! Ay, ay, ay

Shai, change your name to "Shag", as that's what you'd like to do to us.

N. California


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