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Chemrec Completes US$20M C-round to Fund Commercialization of Black Liquor Gasification Technology

Chemrec has completed a US$20 million funding round to be used to support the commercialization of its black liquor gasification technology. (Earlier post.)

The investment was led by Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF), with support from existing investors, Vantage Point Venture Partners and Volvo Technology Transfer. Swedish company Nykomb AB, which helped develop the Chemrec technology, remains an investor in the Company.

Chemrec’s black liquor gasification (BLG) technology converts the black liquor waste stream from the paper pulping process into synthesis gas. The synthesis gas can then be processed into a variety of fuels—likely dimethyl ether (DME) and methanol (MeOH), although fuels such as Fischer-Tropsch diesel (FTD), Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG), or hydrogen are also possible.

The global potential of this is equivalent to more than 45 billion liters a year of gasoline, according to Chemrec—2% of global fuel demand.



Of course the removal of this toxic waste stream to provide a valuable resource is hard to fault.
It is interesting to consider that the volume is estimated to be 2% of world liqid fuel demand.
l'd like to see how the numbers refer to? total, proposed, current.

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