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Chrysler, Chery Drop Small Car Talks

Detroit News. Chrysler and Chery Automobile have dropped their talks on the Chinese automaker building a small Dodge car for export. (Earlier post.)

“Chrysler LLC has confirmed that Chery Automobile Co. and Chrysler have mutually agreed that it is in each company’s best interest to conclude their discussions on a strategic cooperation agreement that have been active since July 2007,” said Mike Manley, executive vice president of Chrysler's international sales and marketing. “The two companies will shift resources to independently pursue their business objectives,” Manley said in a statement, noting both gained “better insights into the opportunities and challenges of pursuing growth” globally.

There have been numerous reports that work was on hold as both companies faced money problems and deteriorating domestic markets. At this year’s Beijing auto show, Chrysler officials said the small car being built would not meet US standards.


Nate H.

Well, something else good came from Chrysler's no-so-bright future after all!

The last thing we need is crap cars from a new source.

Nate H.
Dover, Ohio

You said it Nate!


The last 2 Chrysler cars I have owned and maintained were junk, so those Chery's must have been real bad if they did not even meet Chrysler's low standards.

Check out the Chery crash tests and then consider putting your kid in a death trap.

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