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Daimler launches “e-mobility Italy” in Cooperation with Enel

Daimler AG is launching its next large-scale urban electric mobility project following “e-mobility Berlin” (earlier post) in cooperation with Enel, Italy’s largest energy supplier. In 2010, the “e-mobility Italy” initiative will see more than 100 electric cars of the smart and Mercedes-Benz brands in Rome, Milan and Pisa.

Electric smart car with charging station. Click to enlarge.

Enel will be responsible for developing and setting up more than 400 charging stations especially for this purpose in the three cities. The project aims to further develop automotive technology and an intelligent infrastructure, and also establish open standards. Infrastructure is a particularly important issue in Italy, where the majority of vehicles are parked in city streets.

Daimler is planning further urban electric mobility projects in Europe and the US. Daimler is also in talks with numerous companies to promote hydrogen infrastructure, since, in addition to battery-powered electric vehicles, Daimler regards fuel-cell vehicles as having the greatest potential for electric and emissions-free driving, also over long distances.



This may be another small step towards the final solution (practical and affordable BEVs) within another 10 years or so.

ICE vehicles did not get where they are overnight. It took almost a half a century to market reliable and (fairly) efficient ICE units. Why should BEVs do it less than 10 to 15 years?

BEVs will improve over the years. The ideal lower cost, high energy density long lasting batteries may not be around till 2020.

Meanwhile, limited apllications are needed to field test various battery technologies and recharge stations.

PHEVs (10 to 60 miles) may be the ideal compromise for the 2010 to 2020 period or until such time as batteries performances are improved.


I fully agree with Harvey here.

I wonder if the plug is standard? These projects are good progress but much more so if they benefit all EVs.

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