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Report: Toyota Likely to Report US$1.1B Operating Loss for Second Half of Fiscal Year

Kyodo News reports that Toyota Motor Corp. is likely to further revise downward its group earnings projections for the second half of the current fiscal year and report an operating loss of about ¥100 billion (US$1.12 billion) in the October-March period.

The expected downward revision stems from exacerbating falls in global auto sales and the yen’s continued appreciation against the US dollar, the sources said. Toyota lowered its earnings estimates for the second fiscal half in early November. At that time, Toyota anticipated a group net profit of 550 billion yen [US$6.159 billion], down 68.0 percent from a year before, and an operating profit of 600 billion yen [US$6.719 billion], down 73.6%, on sales of 23 trillion yen [US$258 billion], down 12.55 percent.

The November figures were revised downward from the initial estimates—a net profit of 1.25 trillion yen [US$14 billion], an operating profit of 1.6 trillion yen [US$18 billion] and sales of 25 trillion yen [US$280 billion].

Toyota has assumed a foreign exchange rate of 100 yen against the dollar for the October-March period, but the dollar has fallen to below 90 yen due partly to concern about the future of the troubled US automakers.



They deserve it, they reduced the production of Prius and increased the size of RAV-4 by a foot and Highlander by few inches.

More losses are waiting for Toyota. Dump them.


Will Toyota and Honda ask and get USA + Canada bail out $$$$.

Canada just announced that it will supply bail outs at the rate of $2.8 B (US) to the Canadian car industries. This is about 20% of the USA proposed package. Nobody knows yet how much will go to the Big-3, Toyota, Honda, Car parts manufactuers etc.

Unfortunately, a major portion of the $2.8 B (US) will most probably be used to increase CAW union members salaries from $71/hr to $79/hr; to build more dinosaurs gas guzzlers to please Alberta's tar sands operations and Western Canada's addiction for oversized vehicles.

It is unfortunate because $2.8 B (US) or about ($3.3 B CDN) could have done a lot to accellerate the local production of practical and affordable PHEVs and improved advanced batteries. The political will is not there yet.



I agree with you.

Toyota-Honda-Nissan (USA) had too much influence on the size of vehicles produced for the USA/Canada market.

This is another demonstration that our acquired addiction to dinosaur gas guzzlers spreaded almost worldwide in the last 20 years.

Fortunately, Asian and most European manufacturers built much more frugal, common sense size, vehicles for their respective home markets.

Arghhh.... Woe is We!


A good example of Toyota wasting money is their spending over $2BILLION on F1 the last 6 years with zip wins to show for it.



I agree with you.

The prsumption that F1 vehicles are necessary to produce more efficient regular cars is a farce used to justify meaningless noisy events.

If that is true, professional boxing is necessary to extend your life spand.


Yet another case where GCC posters know more about running a car company than the managers and CEOs.
One might assume Toyota spends money on F1 racing as an effective form of advertising.
Of course we all know better; they should sponsor American Idol, not pointless motor sports.

Calvin Brock

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