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Sydney and Brisbane Order 235 Volvo EEV Buses

Volvo Buses has received an order for 235 city buses from the cities of Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. In addition, there could be another 250 buses to Brisbane in the years ahead. The 7- and 12-liter diesel-engined buses all meet the European EEV (Environmental Enhanced Vehicle) emission standard.

The EEV concept was introduced by the EU in 1999 as a voluntary target to promote the use of the best available environmental technology for sensitive environments. EEV has the same CO, NOx and PM limits as Euro V (1.5, 2.0 and 0.02 g/kWh, respectively). EEV is tougher on hydrocarbons (0.25 g/kWh vs. 0.46 in Euro V) and smoke (0.15 m-1 vs. 0.5 m-1 in Euro V). Volvo uses SCR to meet the NOx requirements of Euro V and EEV.

The B12BLE chassis. Click to enlarge.

Sydney has ordered 150 18-meter articulated buses being built on the Volvo B12BLE (12-liter engine) chassis. When the most recent order is delivered, the New South Wales State Transit Authority (STA) will have more than 700 buses rolling built on this Volvo chassis.

In Brisbane, the Brisbane City Council decided in a tender process that all diesel buses to be purchased in the next three years shall be Volvo buses. This could correspond to a total of up to 335 buses. To date, the Brisbane City Council has signed contracts for 85 buses, the Volvo B7RLE, with Volvo’s 7-liter engine that meets the EEV emission standard.

The chassis will be manufactured in Volvo Buses’ plant in Borås, Sweden and the bodies will be produced by the Volgren company in Australia. The first chassis will be delivered in August 2009 and delivery of the completed buses starts at the end of 2009. Deliveries for the order to STA will continue through June 2011.



Onya Sydney and Brisbane. The best green car is no car.

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