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Allison Transmission Breaks Ground on New Plant in India

Allison Transmission, Inc., a leading global supplier of commercial-duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, broke ground on a new India facility in Chennai.

Once construction of the more than 203,000-square-foot manufacturing plant is completed, which is expected to occur in early 2010, it will also serve as the Allison Transmission India Pvt. Ltd. regional headquarters with executive, marketing, and sales offices. In addition, the facilities are designed for warehousing and customization.

India is an important market for Allison Transmission as it is the world’s fourth largest economy, and is the fifth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Allison began selling into India more than 40 years ago, and established permanent offices in India, operating under the name of Allison Transmission India Pvt. Ltd., in 2007 to realize growth opportunities in the on-highway market. There are now nearly 1,000 on-highway trucks and buses operating in India fitted with Allison Transmissions. Major OEM customers include Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, JCBL and Lexia Motors.


The Goracle


Exactly what we need as the U.S. economy is shedding jobs - more jobs transferred to India! The U.S. is now among the WORST countries in which to business due to the confiscatory tax rates. Thank you Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for taxing businesses so high that they flee the country! You should be proud of your accomplishment. We don't need jobs here anyway...


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