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Brembo, Marelli and Pirelli Launch Tire and Wheel Collaboration

Brembo, Magneti Marelli and Pirelli are collaborating on wheel and tire technology. The “Cyber Tyre” an intelligent tire developed by Pirelli, will be integrated with Magneti Marelli electronic control systems and with Brembo’s evolved braking systems in order to realize ad hoc technology solutions, at the service of performance and safety requirements of all types of customers.

The integration of technology from the three Italian groups is targeting the development of applications of safety systems and also to reduce CO2 impacts.

Pirelli’s Cyber Tyre uses a transponder that can detect the temperature, pressure and vertical load of a tire in real time. Using a resin, it is applied to the whole inner surface of the tread.

It requires no batteries, since it produces the energy it needs itself, thanks to a piezoelectric system and the fact that it rotates inside the tire. Pirelli acquired the rights to a Fioravanti patent which makes it possible to develop a system able to transmit information about the real-time forces which regulate the dynamics of the vehicle through wireless miniature electronic sensors. The aim is to improve the drivability of a vehicle, even in severe conditions, in complete safety.



Sounds very cool - piezo generators inside the tire powering wireless sensors to the car management system!

A nice day's thinking.

If it works well, and is affordable, it could be very useful - keep those tires pumped boys!

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