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Coca-Cola Enterprises More Than Doubles Hybrid Delivery Fleet, Introduces Heavier-Duty Hybrid Delivery Truck with Eaton Hybrid System

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is more than doubling its current fleet of 142 hybrid electric delivery trucks by adding an incremental 185 hybrids, making the CCE fleet the largest hybrid fleet in North America. It also introduced a heavier duty hybrid tractor to support a gross vehicle combination weight of 55,000 lbs. The majority of CCE’s current hybrid delivery vehicles are 12-bay box trucks (33,000 lbs gross vehicle weight). (Earlier post.)

The new tractor is based on a medium-duty truck (even though the application, at 55,000 lbs, is technically Class 8), with the hybrid powertrain calibrated for heavier loads and the unique duty cycle of a beverage delivery vehicle. The new tractor combines the medium-duty hybrid system from Eaton Corporation (earlier post) with equipment from Kenworth Corporation and Cummins Engines.

CCE says that the hybrid tractor uses about 30% less fuel and produces about 30% fewer emissions than standard tractors. A motor/generator, working with the transmission and a series of lithium-ion batteries, allows the truck to source electrical power instead of gas when traveling at speeds below 30 mph.

Eaton is also working on a true Class 8 hybrid tractor application in partnership with Peterbilt for heavy-duty tractor/trailer applications such as that announced by Wal-Mart. (Earlier post.) The Eaton Class 8 system, which is currently in field-testing, is built off the medium-duty system, but doubles the energy storage capacity and provides an anti-idling solution with electric air conditioning and 120vAC power during engine-off mode.

Beginning in 2001, CCE began an intensive research and design program with their suppliers to develop, test and produce hybrid electric trucks. By the end of 2008, CCE had deployed 142 hybrid electric trucks, in cities like Atlanta; Baltimore; Dallas; Denver; Detroit; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; Toronto; Vancouver; and Washington, DC. In 2009, the company plans to deploy the larger hybrid tractors to: Atlanta; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Portland; San Francisco; Seattle; Tampa; Toronto; Vancouver; and Washington, DC. Additionally, the company plans to deploy incremental hybrid 12-bay trucks to Albuquerque; Columbus; Jacksonville; Las Vegas; and Montreal.

In addition to the hybrid electric delivery trucks on the road in Atlanta and across North America, CCE facilities are focusing on becoming more sustainable with the activation of its subsidiary, Coca-Cola Recycling, which is focused on developing recycling solutions for its business and communities, and the installation of water-saving technology and energy-efficient lighting in its facilities.



Coca Cola is also the largest single employer in Africa. Mostly truck drivers. It would be swell to see them convert that fleet to hybrids.


Now Coke can deliver its diabetes in a bottle with greater energy efficiency. Not a step forward.


Now Coke can deliver its diabetes in a bottle with greater energy efficiency. Not a step forward.

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