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DOE to Award Up to $6M for Addressing 20% Wind Energy by 2030

The US Department of Energy (DOE) issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for up to $6 million over two years (FY09-FY10), subject to annual appropriations, to address wind development technical challenges and market acceptance barriers as outlined in the “20% Wind Energy by 2030” report published in July 2008.

The announcement will address six topic areas: (1) turbine research, development and testing; (2) distributed wind technologies; (3) market acceptance efforts; (4) environmental research and sitting strategies; (5) transmission analysis, planning and assessments; and (6) workforce development.

The “20% Wind Energy by 2030” report found that the US possesses affordable wind energy resources far in excess of those needed to enable wind energy to supply 20% of US electricity needs by 2030. However, major challenges need to be overcome and require action for this to be possible:

  • Major investments in transmission so the power generated in Midwest locations can be delivered to distant urban centers;

  • Larger electric load balancing areas, in tandem with better regional planning and use of complementary generation and storage, so that grid operators can better integrate wind generation into the electric utility grid;

  • Continued reduction in wind turbine capital costs through technology advancement and improved manufacturing capabilities;

  • Improved wind turbine performance and reduction of operating and maintenance costs through improved reliability;

  • Addressing concerns about local siting, wildlife, and environmental issues within the context of electricity generation; and

  • Develop an abundant and skilled workforce to supply the growing renewable energy industry.

Completed FOA applications are due by March 3, 2009. The complete FOA can be viewed on the Web site.




This is a pathetic joke.
Detroit gets $17Billion so they can stay on life-support for another 6 months.

Will S

They are already murmuring about their next fix...


I agree that Wind development should be getting major funding in the billions, rather than single digit millions.
However, it's the banks that are the problem. they won't lend to detroit because they won't take any risks (like ending up with an auto factory. they'll only accept property that can easily be resold).
At least they made detroit jump thru some hoops. i didn't hear a single question asked of the banks. And what have they done with the money?... merged and consolidated with other banks.

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