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ECOtality Launches Charging Infrastructure Initiative

ECOtality, Inc. launched the EV Micro-Climate program, an integrated turn-key program that advances select areas with the needed infrastructure to support the adoption of electric transportation.

In 2007, ECOtality acquired Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec). eTec developed and holds exclusive patent rights to the eTec SuperCharge—a smart fast-charging system—and designed, manufactured and installed public, commercial and residential recharging systems for the GM EV-1, Chrysler EPIC, and Ford Ranger electric vehicle programs. (Earlier post.)

Through our extensive work with vehicle manufacturers and utilities, it is clear the successful introduction of electric vehicles will be difficult to accomplish unless the necessary public and residential infrastructure, as well as regulations that promote these infrastructures, are immediately put in place.

—Jonathan Read, president and CEO, ECOtality

The EV Micro-Climate program begins with feasibility and infrastructure planning studies, and provides a blueprint and action plans for the deployment and maintenance of an EV infrastructure system.

ECOtality will assist with the installation of charging systems in vehicle owners’ homes, as well as install fast-charging systems in select locations to provide convenient on-the-go charging opportunities.



What exactly IS a Micro-Climate program? Is it anything like the glass globes that "snow" when you shake em? There appear to be a preponderance of companies trying to sell people something they already have. An AC outlet. And if they have one rated at 220V near the garage - all they'll need to recharge is an extension cord.

I suppose the number of recharge brands will be equivalent to the number of liquid fuel brands. Its all energy.

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