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First Availability of ChargePoint Network for Plug-ins

Coulomb Technologies and the city of San Jose, California, announced the first availability of the ChargePoint Network public charging infrastructure for plug-in vehicle owners. (Earlier post.)

Subscribers can sign up for options to fit their lifestyle including a limited time offer “Basic Access” subscription plan, which includes free charging through 2009.

Consumers subscribe to the ChargePoint Network and receive a ChargePoint Smart Card that allows them to charge their car at any Smartlet Charging Station nationwide. The first ChargePoint charging stations are now installed and available for charging in downtown San Jose, with more to roll out in the coming weeks. To locate available charging stations, visit www.mychargepoint.net and click “Find Stations”.

Smartlet Networked Charging Stations are available in 110V 15A (Level 1) or dual-mode 110V/220V 15A-80A (Level 1 & 2) versions.



Clearly there's a need for this type of infrastructure but...

"a limited time offer “Basic Access” subscription plan, which includes free charging through 2009.

Only the Tesla EV is shipping right now and I kinda don't think their owners worry too much about charge fees.


Yep. here's another way to charge you for a credit card or a bill to put on your credit record or in general to control your freedom and liberty of movement. Best just to build or buy your own wind up chargers to keep in your trunk.

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