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KLD Energy Technologies, Inc., developers of what they say is a high-performance electric motor system technology, completed a $1 million financing round from a private investment group. The company leveraged the Series A funding to further develop its high-frequency, low RPM, transmissionless motor system designed to increase the speed and efficiency of electric vehicles.

KLD says that its motor system uses a nano-crystalline composite material to conduct energy more efficiently than traditional, iron-core motors. The high-frequency to low RPM ratio eliminates the need for a transmission, according to the company.

KLD says that through the use of the nano-crystalline composite material the motor conducts energy ten times more efficiently than traditional iron-core motors, eliminating the need for additional cooling mechanisms and enabling greater responsiveness. As a result, it can achieve 2,500 hertz, outperforming traditional motors’ 250 Hz average.

The system’s computerized motor controller is designed specifically for the higher-frequency output of the motor. The result is a highly responsive system enabling two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles to attain speeds and performance levels available in gas-powered vehicles.

We’ve been working to produce a new type of motor system technology to increase the responsiveness, speed and functionality of electric motors. This initial round has enabled us to take the system from concept to prototype and demonstrate its capabilities.

—Christian Okonsky, founder and CEO of KLD Energy Technologies

KLD Energy Technologies and its subsidiary KLD Motors America, Inc. (KMA) are expanding into markets worldwide where two- to three-wheeled vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular and necessary form of transportation.

Subsequent rounds of funding will further establish KMA’s manufacturing facilities in Hanoi, Vietnam, where production is slated to begin in the fourth quarter. The company is currently establishing production agreements with leading scooter manufacturers in Vietnam.


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