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NASCAR Appoints “Director for Green Innovation”

The US stock car racing sanctioning body NASCAR has appointed Mike Lynch to the newly created position of managing director for green innovation.

Speaking during the recent 2009 NASCAR Media Tour, NASCAR chairman Brian France said:

...we want to do our part to be a better partner with the environment. And that’s not only important to NASCAR but it’s really important to our fans and they’ve told us that not only are they concerned about preserving the environment for the outdoors, but they’re also concerned about high fuel cost, global warming and energy independence. We recognize this must be one of our priorities moving forward.

Last June I chaired an internal committee meeting with former vice president Al Gore in conjunction with the event at Infineon Raceway. In that meeting, we discussed ideas for what we can do as an industry to be greener. One of the recommendations was to have a point person to coordinate with the industry. As a result, NASCAR has hired Mike Lynch as managing director for green innovation. Mike is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive industry-wide green initiative.

Mike is in the process of developing an industry wide multi-disciplined strategy, green initiative, to include all NASCAR departments, drivers, teams and tracks.



Nascar has a truck series, and their two stock-car series. They should add a HEV/EV series...race the Volt vs. Tesla Roadster vs. Prius and others. You might get a lot of rednecks pointing and laughing at the spectacle, but it might be a good place to field new technologies.


How about racing cars made from Budweiser kegs ?
Or fuel made from recycled crewing tobacco?

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