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Nissan Using DuPont Resins for Under-the-Hood Metals Replacement

In one of the first commercial examples of under-the-hood metals replacement by Nissan in the company’s European operation, DuPont Minlon and Zytel nylon resins are being used for the rocker and front cover on turbo diesel engines for the Pathfinder model.

The injection molded parts offer top performance in terms of stiffness, strength and dimensional stability —essential for ensuring a tight seal to protect the valve control system and to prevent lubricating oil from escaping. The resins can resist operating temperatures of up to 150 °C as well as exposure to hot oils or chemicals.

The parts were developed by DuPont customers in Spain, with DuPont applications development assistance.

The success of the project opens future possibilities to extend metals replacement to other components on Nissan nameplate models.

—Xavier Soler of DuPont Engineering Polymers

In October 2008, DuPont showed an oil pan module made from Zytel for use in Daimler’s new four-cylinder diesel engines (model OM651). The engine uses a die-cast aluminum upper shell and a multifunctional lower shell made of DuPont Zytel 70G35 HSLR.


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