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Ricardo Inc. has launched a new Battery Systems Development Center at the Ricardo Detroit Technology Campus to provide complete vehicle systems integration for turnkey development and application of complete high-voltage battery-pack systems for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Prototype battery pack systems will undergo development in specially-built development chambers equipped with robust safety and filtration systems.  Each will feature high-capacity battery cyclers, high-voltage instrumentation, hardware-in-the-loop systems and other equipment to enable the development of battery systems in simulated vehicle environments.

While there has been a great deal of theoretical discussion and proposals on renewable energy, Ricardo is actually applying the technology by taking it off the whiteboard and into the real world.  Last year we launched TVFE [earlier post] as a total vehicle fuel economy solution.  Now we open the Battery Systems Development Center which will be among the industry’s most complete battery development and system integration facilities, working with a wide range of customers from cell suppliers to the Tier 1s and OEMs on battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

—Dean Harlow, President, Ricardo Inc.

Once a battery pack design is verified in a safe, simulated environment, the battery system can be integrated into and further developed on a vehicle in Ricardo’s adjoining garage facility.

The Battery Systems Development Center is the focal point of Ricardo’s design, analysis, simulation and integration of advanced high-power battery packs and their electronic management systems.

Ricardo says that it believes the  Battery Systems Development Center is the only supplier facility with a Virtual Vehicle Development Environment, making it the industry’s most comprehensive battery development and systems integration facility.

This allows for fully simulated vehicle integration to be conducted in a safe, controlled and repeatable environment, positioning Ricardo as one of the only suppliers equipped to deliver increased efficiencies by fully optimizing a battery pack and control system.

Ricardo’s expertise in battery development can be applied to non-automotive industries that can benefit from advanced battery pack development.  Applications could include agricultural equipment, defence vehicles and medium- and heavy-duty on- and off-road vehicles.  This includes any type of energy storage, such as ultra capacitors or batteries for stationary or other applications.


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