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Toyota Europe Hybrid Sales Up 18% in 2008, Driven by Prius

Combined sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrids in Europe rose 18% in 2008 to 57,819 units from the prior year, representing 5.2% of total Toyota sales. Total Toyota Motor Europe (TME) sales were down 10% to 1,119,521 vehicles versus 2007.

Prius continued to perform strongly in Europe in 2008, up 29% to 41,495 units, helping TME break the 175,000 mark in 2008 for cumulative European hybrid sales. The Lexus RX 400h sold 11,923 units in 2008 (-10% versus 2007).

(Top performers for the Toyota brand included Corolla Sedan, with year-end sales of 119,120 vehicles (+39% versus 2007); and the new V8 Land Cruiser with year-end sales of 19,999 vehicles (+81% vs. 2007).

TME’s market share in Europe declined 0.3 percentage points to 5.3% in 2008.


Stan Peterson

I'm glad to see that Toyota is having success selling mileage-challenged vehicles like the mammoth Land Cruiser (+81%). That wonderful guzzler makes the mileage figures reported by a Suburban owner swell with pride for its fuel efficiency, by comparison.

One of the car enthusiasts magazines reporting on their long term test of the monstrosity, hoped that they might get a tankful yet, where the highway mileage climbed to 13 mpg!


V8 Landcruiser sales up in the land of $10 a gallon fuel!? The 'Cruiser outsold the Lexus Hybrid by almost 2:1. LOL

Obviously alot of horse float towing Range Rovers being retired or people with very short memories regarding fuel prices.

I have noticed a significant number of new V8 crusers on the roads around here (AU) also and marvel at the purchasers ignorance / arrogance. Although my daily driver isn't the most fuel efficient on the road with a 5.7Lt engine, I did buy it 6 years ago and I'm planning to run it into the ground until plug in EVs are on sale.

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