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Toyota Passed GM in Worldwide Sales in 2008

With combined 2008 worldwide sales of 8.972 million units, Toyota Motor (Toyota, Daihatsu, Hino) became the world’s top-selling OEM by volume, passing GM’s 2008 sales of 8.356 million units.

Worldwide sales of both automakers dropped in 2008, the Toyota Groups’s down 4%, GM’s down 10.8%. Within the larger Toyota group, Toyota sales dropped 5% to 7.996 million units in 2008; Daihatsu (Toyota’s mini-car specialist) rose 4% to .866 million units; and Hino (the truck maker) sales rose 3% to .110 million units.

GM saw its 2008 sales increase in Asia Pacific (up 2.7% to 1.475 million units and in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East (up 3.2% to 1.276 million units.) This increase was offset by the 6.5% drop in GM Europe sales (to 2.040 million units) and the collapse in North American sales (down 21.1% to 3.563 million units.)

Toyota’s 2008 US sales dropped 15.7% to 2,218 million units.


John Taylor

The "big three" are working on becoming the "small three"

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