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VCs Put $680.2M Into US Biofuels in 2008

In 2008, venture capital firms invested $680.2 million into US biofuel firms, including $437 million in cellulosic ethanol (64.25%), $175.9 million in microalgae (25.86%), $42 million in butanol (6.17%) and 25.3 million into systems and infrastructure providers (3.72%), according to a compilation by Biofuels Digest.

VCs invested $110.5 million in the Q4 economic slowdown, after $233 million in Q2, the high for the year.

The largest single reported investment was $166 million for Range Fuels from Khosla Ventures and an unnamed energy company. Sapphire Energy was second, with $100 million from ARCH Venture Partners, Wellcome Trust, Venrock and Cascade Investment. Amyris Technologies was third with $90 million from DAG Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, TPG Ventures, John Melo, Jeryl Hilleman, Kinkead Reiling, Jack Newman, Neil Renninger, Ralph Alexander, and Tamara Tompkins.

A complete summary of the 2008 transactions is available on the Biofuels Digest website.



Interesting to see where the "smart" money is going.


Put all the money into bio-diesel from Algae.

The Goracle

It's not smart to burn one's food for fuel. Unless, of course, you are invested in food commodity prices skyrocketing. Save the crop land for food crops. Use desert land for algae based biodiesel.

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