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ZAP Introduces New Electric Van, Pre-production Alias Electric Car

ZAP used the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual exposition running in New Orleans, 24-27 January 2009, as the venue to introduce the Shuttle, a five-passenger, 4-wheel, battery electric van and the pre-production Alias, a three-wheel, battery-electric 2-seater capable of freeway speeds.

The ZAP Shuttle was designed for transportation around large campuses, to and from parking lots, and, because it produces zero emissions, through factories, warehouses and other indoor uses. For on-road use, the Shuttle conforms to US regulations for Low Speed Vehicles with a top speed of 25 mph limited to streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph. It drives 30 miles on a recharge of its Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Lead-acid battery pack.

The Alias is designed with a Li-ion battery pack and will have a 100-mile range and support freeway speeds. While ZAP has contracted most of its manufacturing to China over the past several years as a way to remain cost-competitive, the company will be building the Alias in the United States.


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