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Bob Lutz to Retire from GM at End of Year; Tom Stephens Taking Over Global Product Development

Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman – Global Product Development, will retire at the end of 2009. In the interim, he will move into a new role, effective 1 April 2009, as Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor to continue to provide strategic input into GM’s global design and key product initiatives.

Tom Stephens, currently Executive Vice President, Global Powertrain and Global Quality, will become Vice Chairman – Global Product Development, reporting to President and Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson. In this new assignment, Stephens will maintain his responsibility for overseeing GM’s global quality activity.

Concurrent with this appointment, GM is restructuring its global powertrain group to integrate powertrain functional activities into their respective global GM functions. Accordingly, in his new role, Stephens will have responsibility for global powertrain engineering, in addition to global design, product engineering, product planning and program management.

Powertrain manufacturing will report to Gary Cowger, Group Vice President of GM Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations. Other staffs that support the GM Powertrain organization will be integrated into their respective global functions. These moves represent another step in GM’s restructuring initiative to create a leaner, more efficient organization.


Alex Kovnat

Mr. Lutz, as you prepare to retire from active participation in the auto industry, may the next chapter of your life be long and happy. You have most definitely earned your right to retire and let the younger guys make all those big decisions.


The Putz has left the building.
Good riddance.

Raymond Aurand

Bob Lutz is certainly an automotive legend. I remember him from the good days at Chrysler. He was the only one with the confidence to challenge Iaccoca about developing more modern engines. Part of the legend was from his many speeding incidents. He was clocked at 130 MPH on I75 north of Detroit in a Lamborghini. He also crashed a jet fighter and a helicopter exploded in flames shortly after he junped out.
There are few people if any that are as knowledgeable about the auto industry as Bob Lutz.

Stan Peterson

One Bob Lutz is worth a 100,000 green wonks who talk a good show, but produce nothing...

Enjoy you retirement.


Honnestly this guy made most of his carrer as a manager in the american auto industry when it produced nothing but crap of poor quality and help sink america in its oil addiction, really nothing to be proud about, lobbying and resisting any attempt to improve efficiency and emission, he can retire the car industry will be better off

richard schumacher

Is he taking himself off the hook for Volt? or is he allowing himself more time to work on Volt? Maybe he just wants to be gone before bankruptcy proceedings begin.


Bob L. a forward thinking luminary who has almost single handed turned around the worldwide automotive industry. And a fun-loving guy to boot. No country for old men? Nope. A country BUILT by old men! Than you Bob for leading the way.

BTW, the U.S. bashers here are all far left marxists of foreign influence who think it's okay to write any old thing in these posts. Little do they know how much it reveals about their true character and value system.


Thanks Sulleny...brillant points. I'm disgusted with all the posts about this good American-the last of a dying breed...part of the greatest generation that built our country-which we are rapidly losing. It's too bad our corporations and government aren't filled with guys like this (albeit a little younger).


Given the disaster of the american auto industry, the failure to create value in their products, the quality lagging behing the standard of the industry, the refusal to innovate, the responsability in the america oil addiction, I don't think the managers of this industry should deserve any praise, I see failure only.

And I don't think you need to be a foreign marxist to see that.

Raymond Aurand

If you want to see what Bob Lutz did for GM compare the old Malibu with the new Malibu. Also, the 2010 Malibu will have a direct injected 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine mated with a 6 speed transmission.

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