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Chery Launches S18 Electric Vehicle

The S18 EV. Click to enlarge.

China automaker Chery has begun introduced the S18 EV, an all-battery electric vehicle it developed in-house. The S18 electric vehicle has a range of 120 to 150 km (75 to 93 miles) when fully charged, with a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph.).

The S18 features a 336V 40 kW electric drive system, powered by a battery pack built with 40 Ah lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries. At 220V, charge time is 4-6 hours. Fast charging will provide 80% of pack capacity in 30 minutes.

As part of China’s “863” initiative, Chery has developed research and development capabilities in power electronics and electric machines, advanced power batteries and battery management systems.

In addition to its development of the S18 EV, Chery has developed high-performance low-emission gasoline engines (1.6/2.0 CBR VVT); a mild hybrid system (BSG); a high-speed high-pressure common-rail direct injection diesel engine (1.9 TCI); a moderate hybrid System (ISG); and flexible-fuel vehicles (methanol + ethanol + gasoline + CNG). In January, Chery launched its A5 BSG (Belt-Driven Starter Generator) hybrid model.


Dave R

How much are they selling this for?

Given the recent article on automotive packs costing $1000/kWh, I can't imagine them selling this car for $40k+.

Even if they are skimping on the pack and have the price cut to a third, that's still a $13k battery pack.

Peace Hugger

@ Dave,

The car is going to have a market price of less than 100,000 yuan (US$14,619). It looks to in the Toyota Yaris dimension.


Hope it has electrically heated seats for the cold Northeast winters.


"Hope it has electrically heated seats for the cold Northeast winters"???
Manchuria is the Northeast of China.


We are seeing now that China intends to leapfrog in the automotive business. They have now 2 or 3 BEV models on sale, right now, with their car industry still in its infancy. Nothing like these type of cars are available in the West, since there the car manufacturers business model is fully based on gasoline and diesel technology.

Account Deleted

40 kw sounds not true for the driving motor, which is too much higher than the capacity of the battery

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