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Chevy Volt to Run on Goodyear Fuel Max Tires

The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is the chosen exclusive tire on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. This marks the first-announced original equipment usage of this product.

Goodyear first developed its Fuel Max Technology for use in large truck tires, where fuel savings and overall driving efficiency are critical for fleets and individual truck operators. (Earlier post.) The technology is now being applied to automobile tires.

Compared to the original Goodyear Assurance tire, the newly announced Assurance Fuel Max provides 27% less rolling resistance, which equates to a 4% improvement in highway fuel economy.

A key element is a fuel-saving tread compound that helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls, so less effort is required to keep the tire rolling. This proprietary tread compound helps reduce energy loss as the tire rotates.

The Assurance Fuel Max features a Wet Tread Zone with Dual AquaChannel Grooves. It helps evacuate water away from the treadface for great wet traction. Plus, Zig-Zagging Micro Grooves and Center Tread Notches help grip the road in rain or light snow. The Dry Zone, with strong shoulder blocks, helps enhance handling and grip on dry pavement.


Dave R

The Assurance Fuel Max tire should start shipping in April - it's replacing Assurance tire.

So anyone who wants a low rolling resistance tire can get these for their vehicle.

Does anyone when when manufacturers have to start publishing rolling resistance information on their tires to sell in California?


Great! One more choice besides the Continental CH95 and Michelin "Energy MXV4 Plus" LRR tires.

"The law goes into effect in July of 2008"

This wiki has real good links on this subject:

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