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City of Toronto Issues RFP For Waste Gas Study

The City of Toronto, Canada has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for execution of a study to assess the environmental and technical aspects of capturing waste gas from the city’s solid waste management projects, including using the waste gas to produce electricity, displace pipeline gas, and/or displace fuel in CNG vehicles.

The study will address six key subjects:

  • Conversion of waste gas into other energy products (e.g. hydrogen);
  • Synthesis of waste gas into other chemical compounds;
  • Identification and screening of available technology;
  • Definition of options and establishment of comparative criteria;
  • Methods and protocols for identifying greenhouse gases that would be offset; and
  • Decision model and ranking of options.

The project will involve entities such as Toronto Fleet Services, Toronto Hydro, Enbridge, Union Gas, the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Association. City of Toronto intends that the study commence in March, and be completed within six weeks of its start date.

—Jack Rosebro



Good. And now we hear of a new Japanese paperless toilet that not only washes the area of evacuation - it sports a tiny vacuum pump that sucks up your methane, compresses it and recycles it into the natural gas line. Now this is putting waste gas to good use!

paperless john:


Toronto has not been happy with their hybrid buses using lead acid batteries, and I would welcome CNG buses as an alternative if the Waste Gas can substitute for a significant amount of CNG.

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