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Honda’s Cumulative World-wide Hybrid Sales Pass 300,000 In January 2009

Cumulative hybrid sales by model and region. Click to enlarge.

Global sales of Honda hybrid vehicles reached 300,740 units on a cumulative basis at the end of January 2009. Honda first began hybrid sales in November 1999 with the introduction of its first-generation Insight in Japan.

The Civic Hybrid accounts for 85% of Honda’s combined hybrid sales, with 255,249 units, 75% of which were in North America. Put another way, sales of the Civic Hybrid in North America have accounted for 64% of Honda’s cumulative hybrid sales worldwide.

The first-generation Insight, now no longer in production, sold a total of 17,020 units, 14,288 of which were in North America. The Accord Hybrid sold only in the North American market, accounted for 28,471 units.

North America has accounted for 78% of all Honda hybrid sales (234,252 units); Europe for 12% (35,149); and Japan for 8% (25,239).

Honda began sales in Japan in February 2009 of the all-new Insight hybrid vehicle (earlier post), a five-door hatchback model featuring a lightweight, compact hybrid system designed for affordability as well as fuel economy. Sales of the all-new Insight is scheduled to begin in Europe and North America in March and April, respectively.

Honda set annual sales targets of approximately 60,000 units in Japan, more than 30,000 units in Europe and approximately 100,000 units in North America. The annual global sales target is approximately 200,000 units.

Honda will further enhance its hybrid model lineup with the introduction of the all-new sporty hybrid vehicle, based on the CR-Z design concept model, in 2010, in the effort to achieve full-scale market penetration of hybrid vehicles.



'North America has accounted for 78% of all Honda Hybrid sales'

Really, 78%. I'm starting to get the feeling the rest of the world is laughing at me for trying to be green.



Don't sweat it man, we are laughing at Europe for choking on Diesel fumes.

Correct for the market size differences between Japan and US (factor of 3) and the gap isn't nearly as bad.


Honda sells cars in over 50 countries and the US accounts for only 20% of cars worldwide.

The gap is HUGE


Don't forget Americans like bigger cars so the only way to get good gas mileage is to buy hybrids.

In Japan (and some other Asian countries) it's easier and cheaper to get good mileage because they can drive things like the Kei class; very small 660cc powered cars.


When you import a car into the EU, you pay a 40% tax.
The Prius and the Civic Hybrid has not been produced in the EU tax-free zone yet so their price is NOT price competitive there.

When you import a car from Japan/China into the US, you pay almost nothing as tax, so those cars are very price competitive there.

This makes up the big difference.

When hybrids gets produced in the EU tax free area, they will suddenly become very appealing for a lot of would be buyers.

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