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Initial Orders For Insight Hybrid in Japan Top 10,000 Units, More than 2X the Monthly Goal

Nikkei. Ten days after it went on sale in Japan (earlier post), the new Honda Insight Hybrid has racked up orders for more than 10,000 units—more than double the monthly sales goal.

The environmentally friendly Insight “had a buoyant marketing start,” although Honda and other automakers have been hit by the global economic woes, a Honda official said...Consumers appear to have been attracted to the Insight due to its affordable sticker price, industry analysts said.

But it remains unclear whether orders for the Insight will continue growing at the pace Honda has enjoyed so far, given the current state of the Japanese economy, the analysts said.



I think Honda has a winner here, will see

Will S

It seems the Japanese understand what the future holds.

Dave R

I wonder how it will sell here in the USA. I'm tempted, myself!


The problem is how can we sustain the economic crisis theme while perpetrating the Japanese recovery news? Have we painted ourselves into an inconvenient corner??

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