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Novozymes On Track With New Enzymes For Cellulosic Ethanol

Novozymes says it has cut cellulosic ethanol enzyme costs by more than half and is on track to deliver commercially viable enzymes by 2010. At the National Ethanol Conference in San Antonio, Texas Executive Vice President Peder Holk Nielsen presented the progress achieved by Novozymes’ latest second-generation enzyme products.

This new enzyme family is the highest performing and most cost-effective enzyme solution available today, according to the company.

The results we’re achieving in our labs for our next generation of enzymes make us confident that we’ll deliver a commercially viable enzyme product to the ethanol industry by 2010 through an additional 50% reduction in enzyme use cost...The goal for cellulosic ethanol is to be on par with corn-based ethanol on a cost basis, which we think is feasible within a few years. The cost of cellulosic ethanol production will go down as we and our partners go up the learning curve.

—Peder Holk Nielsen

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires the US to blend 100 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol into gasoline in 2010.



Great news....keep on rockin!


Here is a case where the RFS is doing just what it should be doing. Pushing a new industry forward toward the goal of Global Energy Independence.

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