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The Renault-Nissan Alliance and UK company Elektromotive, a provider of electric vehicle recharging stations, are collaborating in the Partnership for Zero-Emission-Mobility, with the aim of accelerating the installation of charging networks for plug-in vehicles in cities.

Elektromotive and EDF Energy and have been working in partnership since 2007 to develop an electric vehicle recharging infrastructure; the Renault-Nissan Alliance is also collaborating with EDF on electric vehicle infrastructure. (Earlier post.)

The Alliance and Elektromotive signed a Memorandum of Understanding on studying ways to promote the use of electric vehicles and will share information on EV development and energy supply on a global scale. The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Elektromotive collaboration will also undertake education programs and develop incentive schemes to attract EV purchasers. As well as continuing with further development of its infrastructure system, Elektromotive will purchase or lease EVs built by the Alliance.

Elektromotive, which is based in Brighton, England, started developing charging station technology in 2003 and installed its first Elektrobay charging post in Westminster in the centre of London in 2006. To date, it has installed more than 40 charging bays in London and a further 40 in other major UK cities. The Brighton-based company also exports Elektrobays to Sweden, Holland, Germany and Ireland.

Elektrobays are typically situated next to parking bays, within easy reach of an electric vehicle’s charging point. The Elektrobay’s socket is located under a secure, weather-proof door, accessed using a personalized key fob.

When charging is in progress, the door locks shut to prevent interference. The Elektrobay supports power output of 240 volts AC and 13 amps in the UK, or 230 volts AC and 16 amps in Europe. A new 3-phase recharging station suitable for electric commercial vehicle applications will be available in mid-2009.

In 2008, Elektromotive integrated the latest Power Line Communication (PLC) technology (developed by EDF), into its road-side charging stations. PLC integration allows the Elektrobay to communicate with a recharging vehicle by sending and receiving digital signals via the power cable without the need for additional wires. The resulting ‘conversation’ can exchange data and discuss billing, power requirement identification, transaction security and safety.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance aims to be the global leader in zero-emission mobility and has already started zero-emission initiatives in Israel, Denmark, Portugal, the Principality of Monaco, as well as the US States of Tennessee and Oregon and Sonoma County in northern California and in Japan with the Prefecture of Kanagawa and the City of Yokohama. The Alliance has also partnered with the Swiss electric utility company Energie Ouest Suisse (EOS).


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