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CNG Ford Focus Available in Florida

Wise Gas, Inc. and Altech-Eco have signed an exclusive agreement to bring EPA-certified dedicated and bi-fuel (gasoline/compressed natural gas) retrofitted Ford Focus vehicles (MY 2008 and 2009) to Florida consumers.

The bi-fuel CNG Ford Focus has the ability to run on CNG or gasoline and comes with a manufacturer-rated CNG cylinder of 9.1 GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalents), with a driving range of 218 - 318 miles with an average 35 mpg on highway and 24 in the city. The dedicated CNG option will be coming soon, according to Altech-Eco parent Transeco Energy.

The Ford Focus with CNG option is now available in Florida through Wise Gas, Inc. at approved aftermarket conversion facilities and should be available soon through participating Ford Dealerships. Ford Motor Credit has approved the financing for the incremental cost of CNG conversion.

Wise Gas, Inc. is in the permitting and planning process for the state’s first public CNG fueling station in South Florida.

As we continue to build CNG Fueling stations throughout the state of Florida, the bi-fuel option of Altech-Eco’s Ford Focus retrofit allows consumers the freedom to enjoy the benefits of driving on CNG without the fear of being stranded without fuel availability. We look forward to the near future when we believe people will be able to drive across the state with CNG widely and readily available.

—Christine Slager, Wise Gas Communications Manager



I wish California would do something. We used to be
at the forefront. You can't find a viable source of
alternative fuels in this state. CNG refuelers are
few and far between, Ethanol is rare except for the
10% blend, and the other options are not really
options. Not many of us can afford a Tesla or a Karma.


I agree the AQMD could streamline the process of offering dual fuel gasoline/CNG cars for sale. We have a CNG station withing 20 miles, but that would not be adequate. The home refueling stations would be good, but the incentives and laws are in pieces. One city made a law that all new houses had to have an NG valve in the garage to make it easier, but that was just one small city.

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