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EVI Introduces Line of EV/HEV Class 3-6 Commercial Vehicles

During the Work Truck Show in Chicago, California-based Electric Vehicles International (EVI) has introduced a line of electric and hybrid Class 3-6 commercial vehicles to the US market. In addition to the custom line of Class 3-6 commercial vehicles, EVI also offers fleet owners the option of converting existing fleets to hybrid or electric vehicles.

The eviLightTrucks use Valence lithium phosphate or Trojan lead acid battery packs for power. For a hybrid configuration, LNG, CNG or gasoline engine options are available. Maximum speed for the trucks, depending upon class, ranges from 40-60 mph. Range is a function of a customizable battery configuration.

The Class 3 truck uses a 330V, 100 kW traction motor with a 1 speed transmission. The Class 4 unit features a 330 or 450V, 100 kW motor with a 2-speed transmission, and the Class 5-6 trucks offer a 450V, 100 kW motor with a 2-speed transmission.


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